The Team


Kelly Peng

CEO, Engineer++

Forbes 30 under 30 - Manufacturing & Industry

UC Berkeley, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Worked on custom frequency modulated LIDAR for autonomous vehicles @ UC Berkeley

Organized San Francisco Exploratorium exhibit on brain-computer interfaces and emotion recognition

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Bayley Wang


MIT, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

7 years prior experience as CTO/founder of an educational electronics startup, cash-positive and successfully shipped 5K+ units

Previous researcher @ MIT on high-performance optical simulation algorithms

Competition winner, Putnam/USAMO


Garrow Geer


UC Berkeley, Physics

Technical advisor to several VCs and private investors

Founder of an educational startup and successfully developed first batch of clients

Previous particle accelerator operator and research engineer @ Jefferson Lab and CERN


The rest of founding and engineering team consists of industry leaders, brilliant technologists and experienced subject-specific experts, with MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, EPFL & UBC alumni:

  • Previous lead electrical engineer from GoPro and designer of the electronics in the Xbox controller

  • Optical lead with previous exit to Intel

  • One of the most reputable optical experts in the world, sole developer of one of the fastest optical simulation applications with exit, and author of 3 well-respected books on optical design

  • Serial entrepreneur with $170M exit to Cisco in the semiconductor field, and serial entrepreneur/CTO with previous exit to Google in AR/VR tracking field

  • Experts with over 100 patents in optics, displays and materials and several decades of combined experience in optical design for manufacturing

  • Industry leaders with over 20 years of experience in AR/VR manufacturing and sales, and who have closed deals with some of the largest product and manufacturing companies in the world

  • IP and corporate attorney who was Apple Computer’s first lawyer, has 2 M.B.A.s, ran his own venture fund and is on the boards of multiple companies


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Our Mission

We believe that AR is an emerging technology that will have a hugely positive impact on everyday life, with an untapped market even larger than today’s smartphone market. AR has the potential to revolutionize work, education, communication, and entertainment, starting in the enterprise space and eventually moving into the consumer market. However, this tremendous potential is being held back by serious problems with current implementations - existing headsets lack the features needed to enable many possible applications.

We are tackling the heart of the problem first - the optical and display subsystem. By dramatically improving this system’s performance, we can build a headset that meets the needs of our customers’ and developer partners’ applications. Furthermore, by emphasizing manufacturing throughout the design process, we can arrive at a design that can be built cost-effectively today, rather than one requiring years of expensive and risky process development to realize. We also believe in sound engineering and sound partnerships - spending millions and years on a design which is fundamentally broken helps no one, and an elegant on-paper design with features that no one needs and tolerances that no manufacturer can meet is equally useless.

Today, we are starting with the enterprise market - we think that enterprise is the best place to start with any cutting-edge technology, since business customers are more able to work with us at a large scale on applications, pricing, and features. However, on the long run, we believe AR is far bigger than just enterprise. Bringing AR to consumers isn’t just good business (it is!), it also helps bring about positive change by increasing freedom of and accessibility to information. Ultimately, we believe that our highly scalable technology is an important milestone towards an augmented future in which human beings seamlessly interface with machines to create a more equitable and efficient world for all.

Overall, we are here to lead and invent, not to follow.

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