Kura Gallium

The widest field-of-view and lightweight AR headset, for the masses.


Video directly shot on Kura’s previous prototypes using an iPhone camera.





  • 150° Field of View (diagonal)

  • 95% transparency eyepiece, non-diffractive waveguide for the best image clarity

  • 8K75 (High-Resolution), 6K100 (Standard), or 4K144 (High-Speed) adjustable resolution per eye with VESA display stream compression

  • High dynamic range, true black, and 100% DCI-P3 coverage via LED technology

  • Up to 10-bit color

  • 4000-nit equivalent outdoors viewable image

  • Unlimited depth of field (10 centimeters to infinity) — anything stay in focus

  • No distortion added to your real environment, prescription compatible



  • 6-DoF head tracking via vision and IMU with onboard sensor fusion

  • 2 QVGA eye tracking cameras @180Hz per eye

  • Stereo VGA cameras @60Hz for depth information

  • 13 MP 10-bit visible-light camera @20Hz for lighting, rendering, and computer vision applications

  • Compact 6-DoF controller, with natural input motion


Computing and I/O

  • DisplayPort 2.0 interface (backwards compatible with DisplayPort 1.4 at reduced resolution)

  • USB 3.1 Gen2 for carrying sensor data

  • Tethered operation as a standard DisplayPort display available for demanding professional applications

  • Standalone operation via compute pack (Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/8GB LPDDR4X)

  • Up to 6 hours of battery life in standalone mode; port powered (<10W) via USB 3.1 port for tethered operation

  • API support provided for popular engines (Unreal, Unity) and operating systems (Windows, Linux)


Form Factor

  • Eyeglass form factor with hip-mounted interface unit

  • Headset weight 80g

  • Compute pack integrates high performance mobile SoC and replaceable battery for standalone operation

  • Compute pack weight < 200g

  • Automatically adjustable IPD accommodates interpupillary distances from 55-68mm (5th-95th percentile)


Purchase Options

Gallium with Expert Development Support Gallium Lite with Expert Development Support Gallium Gallium Lite Computing Unit Expert Support
Gallium glasses
(one headset)
Computing unit
Development/enterprise expert support
(one seat)
Extra hourly expert support Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Suggested retails price $119/user/month $102/user/month $1199 $899 $399 Starts at $99/h

Gallium shipping begins in mid 2020


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